Zero 2

Zero 2 Road Mapping  

What value do you place on your waste?

R3MC is an independent team of specialists, who help businesses, achieve zero waste to landfill at zero cost. With expert understanding of how and why resources end up as waste, R3MC will investigate the supply chain and map out internal process to:

  • identify reusable materials from within a waste stream
  • quantify the value of these commodities for closed loop, recycling or recovery
  • work with the client to extract these commodities, diverting  from landfill
  • source material processing equipment to bulk segregated materials if required
  • educate on site labour into efficient “recycling champions”
  • Facilitate the collection and trading of these assets to generate maximum rebate values
  • Coordinate the investment of new revenue streams to pay for long term waste management

R3MC has a number of examples where close working client relationships have delivered certain key changes that have maximised resource efficiency for a business. The introduction of line-side recycling (LSR) to a business in the food manufacturing industry is one such example. This process involves mapping each factory floor, identifying all waste-generating processes and installation of segregated waste containers close to where they are needed.

We create process flow and efficiency maps that cut costs and eliminate waste.

How we start your journey:

  • Full cradle-to-grave study of production lines and material use
  • Data analysis and detailed process flow diagram
  • Efficiency road mapping to cut costs and wastes
  • Identifying the most suitable processes and recycling routes
  • Procurement support with third party suppliers
  • Training on site and education programmes

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"I have worked with R3MC recently on a yard drainage plan for the whole of the Manchester site and have found them to be approachable, reliable and helpful at all times. They are responsive and proactive to all our needs, always professional and courteous when on site. I would have no hesitation in recommending the company." said Michael Chesterfield of Chep

Case study intelligent supply chain solutions bring sustainability to the fore

Case Study

Intelligent supply chain solutions bring sustainability to the fore