Closed Loop

Closed Loop Management

Sustainability has become a common business goal. Intelligent resource management means closing the recycling loop so that materials can be preserved within a circular economy.

R3MC specialises in the sustainable management of materials, working across the UK business and reprocessing sectors to maximise the value of your resources. R3MC enables clients to benefit from valuable commodity streams whilst setting new standards in CSR and sustainable manufacturing.

How do we achieve this?

  • Close working with your materials and processing teams
  • Detailed analyses of product lines and material flows
  • In-depth knowledge of the UK recycling sector  
  • Advice on materials separation to achieve best value 
  • Identifying end markets for new recycled products
  • Detailed materials mapping for CSR reporting
  • Procurement support with third party suppliers
  • On-site training and education programmes

A few words from Chep

"I have found them approachable, reliable and helpful at all times. They are responsive and proactive to all our needs, professional and courteous when on site. I would have no hesitation in recommending them"Michael Chesterfield.

Case Study closed loop National closed loop cooking oil scheme

Case Study

National closed loop cooking oil scheme



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