Waste Minimisation Audit

Managing waste in the best way for your business can be a difficult task, and helping you reduce waste isn’t always a top priority for your suppliers.  

At R3MC we work closely with our clients to reduce and, where possible, eliminate waste streams whilst maximising the value of unavoidable waste.

R3MC works on-site to develop lean processing models and the best solutions for your business.  

How we can Help?

  • Identifying the causes of waste during the manufacturing process
  • Careful observation along entire product lines, processes and material flows
  • Sensible solutions for waste segregation, storage and collections
  • Engaging staff and training waste champions, encouraging ownership and buy-in

Furthermore R3MC can work alongside your business to deliver the programme through onsite training and education programmes.

Case Study Recycling working in partnership to maximise recycling

Case Study

Working in partnership to maximise recycling


Case study intelligent supply chain solutions bring sustainability to the fore

Case Study

Intelligent supply chain solutions bring sustainability to the fore