Carbon and Water Mapping

Energy, water and carbon use have significant impacts on the environmental and cost efficiency of your business.

R3MC can introduce smart applications and lean processes to reduce these costs, with quantifiable impacts on your business objectives.

We can help you by:

  • Calculating your current energy and water use and identifying sink points
  • Assessing your company’s emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases, such as fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances
  • Developing alternative approaches to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and water
  • Applying our in-house carbon reporting software to calculate the transport impacts of moving raw materials, products and wastes, and the comparative impact of different disposal routes on your company’s environmental footprint.

R3MC can supply you with the methodology to deliver water savings through metering and effluent management programmes:

  • Understand your consent limit, your effluent make-up and treatment capabilities
  • Apply a contingency plan you can execute at short notice
  • Hire equipment to improve the efficiency of one or more elements of your treatment plant
  • Trial new technologies to deliver the best solution
  • Deliver a low cost solution before high costs for investment are opted for.

Contact R3MC to discuss your requirements and allow us to deliver the solutions you need.

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