Environmental Compliance
EMS Scoping & Auditing Active

EMS Scoping and Auditing

As a business you need to have control over your waste and its impact on the environment.

An EMS (environmental management system) helps you manage your manufacturing activities, products, and services in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

What are the benefits of an EMS?

  • Ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements
  • Understand the risks and liabilities within your business
  • Save costs by reducing wasted materials, water and energy
  • Increase efficiency, through the creation of standard operating procedures
  • Increase your employees’ awareness of environmental issues
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility to your stakeholders

R3MC brings the knowledge to help you develop ‘best in class’ processes and procedures, keeping your costs and environmental impacts under control and delivering the highest standards.

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Gap Analysis / Safe Systems Active

Gap Analysis / Safe Systems

How confident are you that you have all of your duty-of-care in order?

As your processes have developed have you kept your waste management method statements and risk assessments up-to-date?

Many companies keep records of waste movements and safe systems of work but struggle in an audit as the paperwork is historic and out-of-date or incorrectly filed.

By completing a gap analysis of your waste duty-of-care and licensing processes, R3MC can ensure refinements complement your existing duty-of-care system and develop a robust environmental management system for your site(s).

R3MC can provide you with:

  • The outputs of a gap analysis through an Executive Summary
  • A detailed audit check sheet of the areas under review
  • An explanation of areas of concern with recommended solutions

R3MC will review:

  • Copies of all company and sub-contractor licences and insurances
  • Generic risk assessments for collection of waste on-site
  • Copies of all waste transfer notes and end disposal licences
  • Environmental Protection Act (EPA) documentation

Additional areas R3MC can assist your business with include:

  • Environmental aspects and legal register
  • Environmental policy checklist
  • Internal audit checklist and report
  • EMS document and management review checklist
  • Hazardous and difficult wastes

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Environmental Compliance Active

Environmental Compliance

Is your business benefiting from the new waste hierarchy legislation?

Has your compliance programme been updated to reflect any changes in your processes?

R3MC works with companies and their sub-contractors to ensure full compliance, setting up the foundations for a robust environmental management system (EMS).

R3MC can assist you with:

  • Understanding and identifying any gaps in your current system
  • A detailed on-site audit programme for you to follow
  • Recommended adjustments to your compliance system
  • A framework to enable your company to stay compliant and respond to future changes

R3MC audits all waste licences and insurances, safe systems of work and risk assessments, giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

Environmental compliance EMS amalgamation and clearance of two chemical works

Case Study

Amalgamation and clearance of two chemical works.



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